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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I stake from my wallet?

Yes you can! Just make sure you control the private keys of your wallet.

  • Can I add more funds to my staking balance?

         Absolutely. This way you can increase your rewards. Just send more of your selected crypto currency to address you used previously.

  • How often do I get staking rewards?

         Staking rewards are automatically distributed, the frequency by validator pool ranges from every day to once a week lump sum. 

  • What is your validator commission rate?

         Anchor Staking commission rate is an industry competitive 3-10% fee. These fees are used to maintain hardware servers and development of new product offerings.

  • Is AnchorStaking.com an official staking service?

        There is no "official crypto coin staking service", all nodes are operated by 3rd parties. AnchorStaking.com is a 3rd party staking service provider, just like every other staking provider.